A drawer’s contents. The top drawer of the little cabinet under my desk, within easy reach, a very convenient location where all my useful supplies should be: pens of varying widths, sharpened pencils, blank paper, blank CDs, a… stapler? Scotch tape? Paperclips. I don’t know, whatever a sensible person would have in there.

Oh no. No no no. It’s full of this:

And this:

Granted, these objects are my keepers of memories and encouragement. When I put something in this drawer, it’s with sincere intent and purpose of eventual use. Each thing reminds me of what I wanted to actually do because of it, an idea stowed in the back of my head, smiling once again with picture-perfect potential.

I like the shape of that key. Keys are rad. I love the way Nemo sleeps, his toes stretched out. What are the men embracing for? I should learn Spanish. And draw more comics, yeah. Flowers growing from a bird? That could work. Nana’s beads are pretty colors, I should do limited palette paintings. A heart sunset is cool. I can’t believe Bonanza Market STILL sells birthday cards like this! Each police blotter is a book in itself. Marion Ravenwood rules. I love my tiny ninja dudes. Did Kyle paint this Little Wings postcard? I like India Ink…

I do, very sensibly, have two packs of Pocket Tissues in there. Unopened. That have been waiting to be useful for about three years. See?

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at one of my “desk organizers” (I have a few of these):

Hey! Old scissors that no longer work. A giraffe finger puppet on top of a palette knife. One ear candle. One hoop earring. An obsolete phone charger. Orange carpenter pencil. One Tria marker (563, a nice dirty turquoise). A ladybug… thing. What IS that, anyway?

Oh and another tiny ninja dude chilling on a green bulldog clip OF COURSE.

Publicly exposing my compulsive hoarding will finally make something from all this flotsam. Right? Should I promise to actually finish my idea of a bird that turns into a flower?

Nah. It’s a really good picture in my head, though.