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It’s snowing. Just so everyone is aware of that. Check the date and cry. You will cry FROZEN TEARS.

Or… draw!

Inclement weather might be keeping me from planting my garden – but being stuck inside is a good excuse to curl up on the couch with a sketchpad (and soon, a glass of wine, methinks.) Time for the next Western Family poster to begin. But I need to warm my brain up first. Here’s a few images that have grabbed my eyeholes today, stuff that for some reason makes me stop the clicky-clicky on my keyboard – and I start to get ideas. Anything and everything.

I just finished a colossal amount of illustrations. The end of a month of work. It was for a great client and ultimately enjoyable to do, because I always like a big project I can really get into. The drawback is the Finished Project Fallout: aching neck, arms and BOTH hands – I draw left-handed but mouse right-handed, so I mess everything up. Gritty eyes tired from squinting at the screen. Lack of sleep in order to meet the deadline resulting in nauseated spacey jet-laggy brain-mush. A twitchy feeling that I must have forgotten something. Absolute terror that what I haven’t forgotten is terribly flawed, and the files I have sent off to press contain some unexplained illustrated anomaly that no-one will notice until it’s too late and then 10,000 copies of the book are ruined and it’s ALL MY FAULT.

So the FPF has rendered me useless today.

But I did organize and update my files and folders.

In the process I came across some work from years past that I still like. It’s good to see these old illustrated friends. And I  re-realized how many great projects I’ve worked on, and remember that I like what I do. Which is really good, because I can’t do anything else.

Since I haven’t updated my website in about 5 years, I thought I’d post a few of them here. Let’s do it:

Amy’s Kitchen characters and kids packaging

Girl Guides UK games and spot illos

(the Australia game was a masterpiece!)

Illustrations for the book Boo, HarperCollins UK

Hand screened posters for the Miner’s Foundry

in remembrance of my husband’s beheaded Flying Vee – it has since risen from the ashes

paintings for MY book, Penguin UK