We shall see. I’m applying for the tourist visas. Haven’t done this in a long long time.

When I go out the door, I usually ask myself, phone-keys-wallet? It’s my mental checklist of the essentials: as long as I have these three things, I can do just about anything. For years, though, my maxim was consistently tickets-passport-money?… so long as those three things were in my possession, I could do just about anything – regardless of my location on the globe.

One of my sisters used to think of money in terms of dress-units. Meaning: X amount of money = one dress to buy. But for me, it was always X = airplane tickets. More recently, X = mortgage payments. Sigh.

Guess who had (still has!) the nicer clothes?

I might want to repeat my old mantra for a while. My passport needs some new stamps, anyway.