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I’m practicing, oh I am…

Do you like beautiful things? Well I do. And if you know what’s good for your eyeholes, you too will visit Project Thirty Three for some respectful worshipping of  fine vintage record sleeves. So go ahead – have another cup of coffee and bask in the radiant glow of exuberantly abstract design and satisfying use of negative space on this somewhat gloomy Northern California Sunday morning.

The seemingly infinite number of vintage record jackets that convey their message with simple shapes and typography never cease to amaze and amuse me. Project Thirty-Three is my personal collection and shrine to circles and dots along with their less jovial but equally effective cousins; squares, rectangles and triangles, and the brilliant designers that make them come to life on album covers. Other categories include arrows, abstract shapes and typography-only. Check back soon as I’ll be adding covers regularly.” David

(via Alison at scraps and snaps)