It’s been difficult to be creative lately. To put it mildly. Yet I always feel better when I am, when I do. I get to explore the picture-world I create, as I’m creating it, the same way I need to poke around my brain… trying to figure out what BOTH of them are up to.

My designs usually reach a natural conclusion – there comes a point when the linework is good, the balance of elements is… balanced, the tension between objects just so, and pattern, texture, color is pleasing. But my poor brain often stays vague, never leaving the sketch stage: just a few really good ideas hastily scribbled in corners… and I think, I must work on that one!

Balance. Rhythm. Proportion. Unity. The principles of design = metaphor for life?

Anyway. Here’s an idea I’ve been working on. Still not quite finished. It feels a little lost in the woods…. because I am.