Oh hello. I’m Andrea. I wanted somewhere to put all this stuff (all these drawings writings scannings and thinkings) so I’m doing it online. We’ll see how it goes. My first blog entry explains in more detail.

Professionally I’ve been a graphic designer, illustrator and children’s book author for the last 15 years. Wow, REALLY? That long? That’s crazy. But it’s what I do, and I guess I’ve been doing it for a while now. Got the hell out of the U.S. when I was 18, went to art college in England and then got a great first job at Funhouse Design in London: the go-to agency for children’s marketing and packaging design in all of Europe. Worked my tail off there for a few years, then went freelance. Clients have included Playdoh, Hasbro, Disney, Safeway, World Wildlife Fund, Cadbury’s, Girl Guides, Early Learning Center, Old Navy, Airstream, and Amy’s Kitchen. I’ve had books published by Penguin and HarperCollins.

I came back to the U.S. when I couldn’t possibly take another January in England. My dad would call and tell me he was making fresh guacamole with avocados from my grandpa’s tree and it became altogether too much for me to bear . . . anyway. I was tired of living 6,000 miles from my family, from the little town on the hill, the pine trees, red dirt and the river. Now I miss London but I’m happy to be here in my ramshackle house on 3 acres.

There haven’t been many impressive additions to my glittering crown of clients lately but (I think. Hope. Maybe?) I’m more satisfied and less stressed within my career. The combination of living a life in the sticks yet maintaining big-city work is a challenge I enjoy. My funny little bubble of imaginative friends and colleagues here in the foothills offer much by way of creative inspiration and support. So yeah. I like screenprinting and digging in my vegetable garden. I’m a Libra. Old books are a weakness. I don’t eat animals. I crave affection. My cats crack me up. Home-made pizza is the best. Singing is fun. I just need to draw and paint and write more. O-K.